thVL4AZKBSComprehensive Nursing Assessment – A comprehensive assessment of the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and general well-being of The Aging Adult – including:

An assessment regarding the appropriateness and safety of the current living environment.

An assessment of the aging adult’s ability to meet required daily needs, i.e.:

  • The ability to bathe and dress him or herself

  • The ability to walk and move about without safely and without falls

  • The ability to safely use the bathroom

  • The ability to obtain grocery items and prepare meals

  • The ability to take medications safely as prescribed

TESTIMONIAL:  “Extremely helpful.  I didn’t have to second guess myself; I had written information to revert back to if need be…”

  • Deserving Care Photo -Caregiver Competency Assessment – An assessment of the caregiver’s ability to provide safe, appropriate and compassionate care.  The assessment is based on the caregiver’s category, i.e.,  Licensed Geriatric Nursing Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Nursing Assistant/Nurse’s Aide,  Medication Aide, Companion, Family or Friend.

Deserving Care photo - White Nurse and A.A. nurse reviewing plan of care with elderly woman   A Registered Nurse to Accompany You on Doctor Visits – As a  Registered Nurse I will accompany your family member on medical appointments.  I will obtain the plan for care from the provider  and provide a written report.   The report will contain a  list of all medications, their purpose,  and the provider who has prescribed them.

TESTIMONIAL:  “I had peace knowing that someone was present to catch any vital information that my ears failed to received due to anxiety or lack of knowledge.”

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